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Second only to the use of the Oxford comma, the creation of possessives for words ending in S and the S sound is one of the most hotly debated grammar topics in the English language. The issue isn't as cut and dried as some grammar rules, such as what punctuation is used to end a declarative sentence With words that indicate portions-some, most, all, etc.-look at the noun after of (object of the preposition) to determine whether to use a singular or plural verb. If the noun after of is singular, use a singular verb Rule 2b. Do not use an apostrophe + s to make a regular noun plural. Incorrect: Apostrophe's are confusing. Correct: Apostrophes are confusing. Incorrect: We've had many happy Christmas's. Correct: We've had many happy Christmases. In special cases, such as when forming a plural of a word that is not normally a noun, some writers add an apostrophe for clarity If you feel confident about forming plurals in English by adding an s or es at the end of the word, we're about to make you feel a little wobbly. Although most noun plurals are formed this way, only verbs with a third-person singular noun or pronoun (he, she, boat, courage) as a subject ever have an added s on the end. With plural nouns (but also the singular pronouns I and you) there is.

If A Word Ends In S, How Do You Make It Possessive

It can be confusing for students, letter writers and essayists. Before you get mired in the many ways that the letter S plays in making things possessive, plural or possessive plural, there are a few. When to use s' or 's after words ending with an s? Asked by Wiki User. 32 33 34. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2015-06-07 20:28:23 2015-06-07 20:28:23. Possessive form for nouns ending.

'(s)' indicates that there is a possibility of a plural existence. In other words, 'other(s)' means there is a possibility of more than one person, so the word should take a plural form, if such a situation occurs. - Varun Nair Sep 27 '17 at 7:2 Be consistent when you use apostrophes after words that end in s. When someone's name ends with an s, it is acceptable to use an apostrophe without an s to show ownership, but linguists with the Chicago Manual of Style, along with others, prefer to add an s after the apostrophe. Note the difference in usage: Acceptable: Jones' house; Francis' window; Enders' family An apostrophe used after the letter S at the end of the word generally means it is a plural possessive, such as cats' meow which is basically referring the meow to all of the cats (plural. After the 's' Using an apostrophe after the 's' seems less common, and that is likely because it only occurs when showing plural possession. Four writers' computers or Two girls' dresses. The key is to make the noun of the sentence a plural first, and then use the apostrophe immediately after

When to Add s to a Verb - Grammar and Punctuatio

  1. Many writers insist, however, that we actually hear an es sound attached to the possessive forms of these words, so an apostrophe -s is appropriate: boss's memo, witness's statement. If the look of the three s's in a row doesn't bother you, use that construction
  2. Adding -s. We add -s to words for two reasons: to make plural nouns (boy, boys) to form the 3rd person singular of the present simple tense (I work, you work, he works) Spelling Rule Just add -s to the end of the word, for example: dog, dogs; learn, learns; demand, demands; Exceptions (note: C=consonant
  3. A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that's used to join words or parts of words. It's not interchangeable with other types of dashes. Use a hyphen in a compound modifier when the modifier comes before the word it's modifying. If you're not sure whether a compound word has a hyphen or not, check your preferred dictionary
  4. For example, you might say, I hear Squiggly throws great New Year's parties, instead of I hear that Squiggly throw great New Year's parties.. Non-bridge verbs tend to be verbs that carry extra meaning beyond simply the idea of saying or thinking something, and they don't sound as good when you omit the word that
  5. Several blogs on the internet have shots of signs with words such as pie's, and cub's. The problem is many of us are using apostrophes to pluralize a noun. Just because a word ends in s, doesn't mean that it needs an apostrophe. Here are some rules about when to use the apostrophe and whether to put it before an s or after an s
  6. When - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar

After, before and when introduce a full clause and require a subject and verb. Therefore, the time expressions after, before, and when introduce adverb clauses. After. The action in the main clause occurs after what occurs in the time clause. Notice the use of tenses: Future: What will happen after something occurs For many German speakers, it was hard to let go of certain old spellings, but some German teachers may argue that the reforms have not gone far enough. For instance, it is still difficult for beginner students to sort out when to use s, ss, or ß in a German word This probably the first use of commas you learned in school: separating items in a list of three or more things. Here's an example: The cake mix requires flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Note that some style guides would not add the comma after the word eggs. For more on this, see Rule #8. Rule #2: Use a Comma After an Introductory Word. The asterisk used to be used to omit letters, and there's at least one place where that practice survives: asterisks can replace letters in swear words you want to sanitize. For example, you could leave the first letter but use asterisks to replace the missing letters, leaving the reader to figure out what the word is: d*** After which would be appropriate if it is used to connect the two independent clauses together to form a single sentence. After that would be appropriate if you broke it into two sentences: She was educated at home until the age of fifteen. After that, she was sent off to finishing school in Singapore

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Do you know when to use a vs. when you should use an? Let's break this one down! A vs. an. The rule is: Use an before a word beginning with a vowel sound (not letter). It doesn't matter how the word is spelled. It just matters how it is pronounced. Use a before a word with a consonant sound as well as y and w sounds Let's say your dog has so many great qualities that you just have to tell the world. When you list your dog's qualities, you have to use a comma after each quality you list except the one that comes immediately before and.That comma is optional Here a that, there a that, everywhere a that-that After a verb of attribution (said, stated, announced, disclosed), the word that often can be omitted with no loss of meaning: . He said (that) he was tired. No need for that. Better to omit. But if the words that follow said (or any verb of attribution) might be mistaken as objects of the verb, omitting that.

Do we always use a verb after 'to'? The answer is NO! In this English grammar lesson, I will teach you how 'to' can be followed by a noun, a preposition, an. When using a word that is pluralized without an s, add an s to the end of the word and place the apostrophe in front of it. For example: Men's feet are generally larger than women's. Apostrophe Catastrophes: When Not to Use Apostrophes. While there are many ways in which apostrophes can be misused, some are much more common than others The semicolon is the comma's first cousin, but it works a little bit harder; it also makes you look smarter. Find out when to use a semicolon

Use a semicolon before such words and terms as namely, however, therefore, that is, i.e., for example, e.g., for instance, etc., when they introduce a complete sentence. It is also preferable to use a comma after these words and terms. Example: Bring any two items; however, sleeping bags and tents are in short supply Semantic satiation is a psychological phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who then perceives the speech as repeated meaningless sounds. Extended inspection or analysis (staring at the word or phrase for a lengthy period of time) in place of repetition also produces the same effect Correct: Joanne's and Todd's cars were bought from the same dealer; both proved useless, even though Joanne's car was an import and Todd's was a domestic model. 6. When creating the possessive form of words ending in s, use only an apostrophe after the s if the word ends in a z sound

After all, English uses many words borrowed from other languages—like déjà vu, jalapeño, doppelgänger, and résumé, for example. And while we generally just type those words without accents in English, sometimes it's nice to take the more formal approach. In the cases where you do, Microsoft Word provides a few easy ways to make it happen When you copy text from a Word document, webpage, or other app's document and paste it into a Word document, you can choose how the text is formatted. You can keep the original formatting, merge with the destination formatting, or paste just plain text

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Possession ( John's car, a friend of mine ) - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar If a word has a definition that matches the word in your language, you are safe to use it. Knowing when to use the dictionary. If you look up every new word you see or hear, you will spend your whole day with the dictionary in your hand. That's no good! You have to be clever and choose the right words to check and the right time to do it Wondering when to use good and when to use well? Reference Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus When describing someone's emotional state, use the word good. Some examples include: He didn't feel good when he lied to his mom. I'm feeling good about the test results That's great news, but knowing when and how to use that symbol can be confusing. I'm frequently asked whether or not trademark symbols have to be used in specific marketing pieces Whether you use Microsoft Word for personal or professional writing, sometimes you may want to add supplemental notes to sections of your work. Maybe you want to make a side comment on one of your arguments, or you need to cite another author's work without distracting from the main text. Luckily, Word has useful tools for adding footnotes and endnotes to your writing

Correct Use Of The Word Customer's Or Customers? Forums Grammar & Sentence Structure 3 205,186 + 0. When would you use customer's and when would you use customers' in a sentance. Jan 13 2006 15:42:47. Sheenagh + 2. The apostrophe must only be used here to indicate a possessive, never to form a plural Although Word's indexing feature is powerful and easy to implement, the key to a good index is more plan than execution. Word will help you create a concordance or a mark-up index 1. Do not use a comma after a question mark occurring in the middle of a sentence. You didn't actually agree to that offer? her boss asked incredulously. 2. Do not use a period after a question mark occurring in the end of a sentence, even if followed by quotation marks. Did you actually take that offer? 3 How to improve your use of transition words. There are several potential problem areas when it comes to transition words. Let's start with the good news: everyone uses t hem in some way. There are very few authors who never use the words 'and', 'but', 'or', and the like

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When to use s' or 's after words ending with an s? - Answer

Also use a comma after a city-state combination within a sentence. there's more ways to use commas. A look into the tech transformations underway at the world's largest companies When to use PDF format. Printing: When the goal is to produce a high-quality print job in which precise page layout and high resolution images are key, then PDF is the clear choice over DOC. PDF can create a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) file which assures you that what you see on your screen is exactly what you'll see in your print

grammar - Meaning of (s) in a word - English Language

After you create and import Office Word templates into customer engagement apps (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation), with one click users can generate standardized documents automatically populated with data In other words, because the information is new, you suddenly force yourself to believe that it's new to everyone and has suddenly popped up, when in reality, you've just stopped ignoring it. The name Baader-Meinhof phenomenon actually started as a meme in 1994 Avoiding this word is a really great idea. Reason: A really great idea is the same as a great idea. If you need to emphasize something, such as the greatness of an idea, use a single word that means what you are trying to say, e.g., Avoiding this word is an excellent idea. 2. You Sometimes, you feel like writing is too hard When do I use tu and when do I use vous?. The words tu and vous both mean you.In English, the word you can be used to address any person or number of people, whatever the age, social status etc of that person. In French, which word for you is used depends on the person being addressed (spoken/written to).. A common misconception is that tu is used for talking to children and vous for talking.

If Word keeps crashing after using all the above methods, try to change the Office Word application location, because some other conflicting programs likely cause the crashing issue. Use EaseUS Todo PCTrans so you can easily and safely transfer programs from C drive to D drive or any other local drives on your computer It depends what you're talking about, I suppose! Sometimes it varies between British English and American English, particularly with collective nouns (i.e., 'team', 'family'). However! If you're talking solely about the country, that's singular Here's what's new in Version 2005 (Build 12827.20268) . New images to bring your documents to life Thousands of royalty-free stock images, icons, and stickers you can use in your documents Use the when you talk about general places in nature like the lake, the mountains, the ocean, the beach, etc. For example: Let's go to the beach. I love to camp in the mountains. Use the when you are talking about something that ther It's an old car, but it's very reliable. I was feeling hungry, so I made myself a sandwich. Although she is very poor, she has not lost her dignity. He walked all the way home, and he shut the door. Set off Introductory Phrases or Clauses. We use a comma to separate an introductory element from the rest of the sentence

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Now, let's get familiar with the situations when would should be used instead of will, one by one. The most common situations when we use would are: 1. To describe an imaginary situation . In practical life, we talk about situations which are imagined, and in English, the word would is used to describe that To Bruce's relief, the shark slowly swam off. However, Bruce suspected that the shark had just made its first pass. Don't Use a Comma before However The word However is a common conjunctive adverb. It is just like the other conjunctive adverbs, but it deserves a special mention because writers often mistakenly precede it with a comma All Word documents have one section. That's how page formatting works, and it's why all the page-formatting commands affect all pages in a document in the same way. When you need to change the page formatting within a document, you carve out a new section. In Example 1, a single document contains two sections With words like weird, weight and Rottweiler, it appears that i before e, except after w is a more accurate rule than the one we all know. In the end, there is only one truly infallible rule. When to use an or a depends on how the word is pronounced and not on how it is written. The U in university is pronounced with a long 'u' sound which sounds like 'yew' and is written as j in the phonetic alphabet. So, although the letter is a vowel, it is not pronounced like one in 'university' because it does not have a vowel sound

Of course, there's a trick: If your sentence has a clause but does not need it, use which; if the sentence does need the clause, use that. That's simple, right? Which or That: Let Us Explain. The clause that comes after the word which or that is the determining factor in deciding which one to use A template is a timesaver. It's a way to create Word 2013 documents that use the same styles and formatting without your having to re-create all that work and effort. Basically, the template saves time. To use a template, you choose one when you start up a new document. You select a specific template instead [ That's where the safe word comes in — a word that both partners agree means stop. No, seriously, stop. A safe word is probably going to come into play when things are getting rough and kinky

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When to Put an Apostrophe Before the 's' and When to Put

6: We also use the present simple to talk about the future after words like ' 'when', 'until', 'after', 'before' and 'as soon as'. These are sometimes called subordinate clauses of time. I will call you when I have time. (Not 'will have'.) I won't go out until it stops raining. I'm going to make dinner after I watch the news Let's talk about capitalization after colons. Did you see what I did in Example #2 above? I capitalized the N in Never. This violates the first rule: Never use a colon after anything but a sentence. This is also tricky. Generally speaking, the word following a colon should not be capitalized in a sentence. (Bulleted lists are. 3. Use a period for the decimal point in English (a comma is used in other parts of the world). There is a 46.6 % increase in sales and 5.8% decline in customer complaints. 3. Always use periods in people's names. C.S. Lewis (the author of 'The Chronicles of Narnia') Franklin D. Roosevelt (former U.S.A. president) 4. Use periods with titles and.

In reply to Nislander14's post on December 5, 2016 This uses the MS online file oconversion service, which lowers images quality in documents, especially technical images with fine details and small fonts Whatever word-processing app you use (Microsoft Word, Apple's Pages, or Google Docs), here's what you should know how to do in i It's an old question but i faced a very same scenario, i need to split a string using as demiliter the word low the problem for me was that i have in the same string the word below and lower There are three ways you can try to recover unsaved Word document after the computer restarts/shutting down or when you forgot to save Word document. What's more, if you have lost the saved Word document, you can use EaseUS data recovery software to recover the deleted document with ease Transitional words and phrases can create powerful links between ideas in your paper and can help your reader understand the logic of your paper. However, these words all have different meanings, nuances, and connotations. Before using a particular transitional word in your paper, be sure you understand its meaning and usage completely and be sur

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Use the columns feature to create a newspaper type document in Word. Columns are best viewed in Print Layout view so you should switch to this view before using columns - do this by choosing View > Print Layout. You can create columns before typing text or after it is typed Look at the words kiss and hope. The last sound of kiss is /s/. It doesn't use the voice to make the sound. So the -ed will not use a voice to make a sound either. The word sounds like /kist/. The word hope ends with /p/. It doesn't use the voice so /t/ is at the end. It sounds like /hopt/

Words like including or such as are often There are certain grammar rules for when to use a comma with these example it is set off by commas both before after the whole. See also Graham Mayor's extensive page on Formatting Microsoft Word Fields with Switches, especially the section on Date Fields With Ordinals. He (and Macropod) show how to do superscripted ordinals, i.e. 1 st or 3 rd instead of 1st or 3rd. Here is a variation of one of Macropod's fields; go to the original document to copy this as a field The Word object model breaks document properties into two groups: Use the CustomDocumentProperties property of a Document object or a Template object to return a DocumentProperties collection that includes the custom document properties. After running the above instruction, the Macro.ini file includes the following text. [DocTracker]. If these words are necessary, do not use commas. Group 2: Let's use the phrase for example. It is apparent that when a person desires to learn a second language, he must study and use that language (there must be a comma after for example--not a colon!) 6

When you are writing, inverted commas or speech marks go before and after direct speech, surrounding what was said. I'm hungry, she complained. If another character replies, use another set of. We take a look at the best whey, pea, rice, casein and spirulina protein powders on the market and which is best for runners Use one space after a period (or other punctuation mark at the end of a sentence) when writing in APA Style. However, if your instructor or non-APA publisher has other requirements (e.g., to use two spaces), follow their specifications Here's a list of the most common dictation commands that you can use. The words using quotation marks are just examples. You'll need to replace them with different words to perform your task

They show you how to use a word in sentences — how to connect it with other words and with grammar structures. They program your brain to produce correct English sentences. Understanding meanings. After reading the definition of a word, you can read the example sentences which contain the word Transitional Words and Phrases Updated lists by Joanna Taraba (printable version here) This page only provides a list of transitional words; be certain you understand their meanings before you use them. Often, there exists a slight, but significant, difference between two apparently similar words You can use the Save option on the Microsoft Office menu, to save a document. You can also save a document by typing Ctrl+s. The first time you save a document, the Save As dialog box appears. Use the Save As dialog box to locate the folder in which you want to save your document and to give your document a name I want you to use my words against me. If there's a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said, 'Let's let the next.

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It's also possible to break down words into syllables and highlight part of the speech, and you can use the narration feature to hear the text aloud and see the words highlighted to follow along resetera.co It's what you have when you're successful, usually because you've made lots of money. These are business greetings after all, so it's common to wish people prosperity. Use this word in a phrase like this: May your year be filled with happiness, health, and prosperity. You can also wish that people have a prosperous new year. 10 after /l/, before unstressed vowel (even in careless speech): difficulty, alter, guilty, shelter. There are also words and phrases where flap t is used in spite of the above rules. One example is whatéver, in which a flap t is heard before a stressed vowel which is not at the start of a word. What's the deal with the flap t after /n/

In response to a stressful scenario, like making a mistake at work, it's natural to feel frustrated, embarrassed, or even distressed for, say, 10-15 seconds. But ideally, after 15 seconds, the feeling should pass. A tiny shadow of negativity may linger, but in general, you get over the snafu To spot passive sentences, look for a form of the verb to be in your sentence, with the actor either missing or introduced after the verb using the word by: Poland was invaded in 1939, thus initiating the Second World War. Genetic information is encoded by DNA. The possibility of cold fusion has been examined for many years

Technically, you can use as many hashtags as you like in a Tweet, within the 280-character limit. But Twitter recommends using no more than two. If you're creating a new hashtag, do some research first. Make sure it's not already being used. How to use Facebook hashtags Optimal number of hashtags to use: 1-2. Where you'll find hashtags on. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who said in 2016 to use my words against me if he were to advocate the nomination of a Supreme Court justice in any President's final year of their term, feels very. Editor's Note: This is a post about a racial slur, and there's no way around using it. Just a heads up. The impulse to make the world neat and simple, with hard and fast guidelines, bumps up. Using transitional words properly is crucial to the development of good writing composition skills. Use the following words and phrases in the following circumstances. Cause, Purpose, or Intent Transition Words. Use these linking words and phrases when you want to indicate cause, intent, or condition WAS—WERE. In the subjunctive mood the plural form were should be used with a singular subject; as, If I were, not was.Remember the plural form of the personal pronoun you always takes were, though it may denote but one.Thus, You were, never you was. If I was him is a very common expression.Note the two mistakes in it,—that of the verb implying a condition, and that of the objective.

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It's OK to walk away and return to the discussion later, when you're ready to make a smart and thoughtful choice about the words you want to use. Read more on Conflict or related topic. How to Use ABCYa! Word Clouds: Click the link above to go to ABCYa!'s Word Cloud creation tool. Copy and paste, or type the text that you would like to use into the box underneath the heading that reads type or paste text. Next, click the arrow icon towards the bottom right of the screen. ABCYa! will generate a word cloud with a random. After all, the last thing a senior attorney wants to do is correct a junior attorney's comma usage. 1. When you begin a sentence with a phrase or dependent clause to introduce a subsequent independent clause, separate the clauses with a comma I have 2 notebooks and both are running 2020-07 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB4568831) but my 2017 notebook is showing that Cortana wake word invocation is coming in a future update but my 2020 notebook has Cortana wake word invocation and works perfectly and yet is the same exact software build Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives; the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19. Here are the basics of how to wear a mask: Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off

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